The Oly Fund

The Oly Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a local board of directors. The Oly Fund provides financial aid for pet owners and helps finance the care of orphaned animals to ensure the perpetuity of the human-animal bond.
The Oly Fund was named after a golden retriever named Oly, who was a well-known member of Creekside Veterinary Hospital’s family. He had many jobs; greeter to our patients, comfort giver to our clients, foot warmer to our employees, and blood donor to our sick patients. He loved everyone equally. He knew his talents for comfort and reassurance, and gave them willingly. Oly was a friend to many people and their pets, and is an exemplary symbol of the compassion and care that The Oly Fund strives to provide to animals and to people who care for them. The Oly Fund was named and dedicated to honoring the bond between all animals and the lives they touch.
The goal of The Oly Fund is to ensure that all animals in need receive basic care and medical treatment. The fund is intended to decrease financial strain surrounding an animal’s situation, and thereby to preserve the human-animal bond shared between an owner and their pet. The Oly Fund also provides financial assistance for spays and neuters to help control the pet population.
The Board of Directors consists of eight members of the community who share the common goals of The Oly Fund. These people are currently involved with many other local businesses and non-profits, and they are also animal lovers and pet owners.
Local veterinary hospitals and animal organizations participate in fund raising efforts for The Oly Fund. These businesses receive financial aid from The Oly Fund for medical care, shelter, food, vaccinations etc. for orphaned animals and pets of low-income owners.
Requests for assistance from The Oly Fund can be emailed directly to:

In 2013, The Oly Fund financed 51 days of boarding for foster care animals in need at local veterinary hospitals. The fund also financed medical care for 41 orphaned cats, 2 orphaned dogs, and provided financial assistance to 20 pet owners in times of hardship.
Since The Oly Fund is a non-profit, monetary gifts to the fund are necessary in order for it to continue to function. Private donors provide the majority of these contributions through a tax-deductible gift, although small fundraisers and local participating businesses also contribute.

Donations can be mailed to:

The Oly Fund: Attn: Melinda Culbertson
3720 Blackwood Rd. Bozeman, MT 59718

The Oly Fund accepts cash and checks. We do not accept credit cards at this time.