Dachos is a 15-week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who was referred to Creekside Veterinary Hospital for Endoscopy. The previous evening he ate a rib bone and he had vomited one time. His regular veterinarian took an X-Ray and diagnosed a rib foreign object located in his stomach.

He was referred to Creekside Veterinary Hospital for endoscopic retrieval of his foreign body in hopes to avoid a major abdominal surgery.

After placing Dachos under anesthesia, an endoscope was placed into his esophagus and into his stomach. A large bone was visualized inside the main portion of the stomach causing erosions and ulcerations of the stomach wall.

The bone was isolated and grasped using rat-tooth endoscopic forceps and gently removed from the stomach and out through the esophagus and mouth.

Dachos woke up from anesthesia and went home the same day. He is currently being treated for a stomach ulcer but should have a full recovery.