Creekside Partners with HRDC Food Bank to help homeless Pets in Gallatin Valley

Creekside Veterinary is proud to announce that we'll be partnering with the HRDC Food Bank to provide free exams and rabies vaccinations to low income patrons of the Food Bank on **September 16th, 2017** from 12pm to 4:30pm. Services will only be rendered to Food Bank patrons possessing a previously acquired voucher. Our goal is to provide medical treatment to as many Gallatin Valley pets-in-need as possible.

For the event, Creekside doctors, nurses and staff will be volunteering their time, services and expertise. Following the event, if additional services, treatments or follow-up visits are required, Creekside will donate their time to facilitate the procedures. Our goal is to raise $5,00 to share for this cause. This will likely cover Rabies vaccinations for 300 pets, and antibiotics/treatments for at least 50 (depending on conditions/treatment).

Where we could use your help is covering material/supply costs. Interested in making a donation to this cause? Please either message us through facebook, call our Blackwood clinic, contacct us through the [website]( at 406-586-8974, or post us a check.

With homelessness on the rise in the Gallatin Valley, Creekside is dedicated to doing what we can to help these patients and their owners. We firmly believe that Together, we can all make our community stronger and healthier!