A Day in the Life

Welcome to A Day in the Life of Creekside, brought to you by Ronald, the clinic entertainment coordinator. He is going to keep you up to date about the happenings at Creekside!

Today, I saw a giant, slobbery dog come in. He was being helped by his owner because he was having a hard time walking. This dog's head was the size of a watermelon! What was really strange was what they did to him. Dr. Amy spent some time sticking these tiny needles all over his body, even in his head! They call it acupuncture but I'm pretty sure it has to be some form of torture. The dog just laid there though, even put his head down and closed his eyes. Then, they hooked up the electric cords. I sure don't want to be electrocuted, even if that dog didn't mind! I can't wait to see what happens next!
I was introduced to a new breed today, the "Yochon". This interesting combination was a Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frisé mix. It was a pair of puppies that were pretty neat to look at (and neither of them were white, which is what I expected). It made me think about combination names, like the Chiweenie and Puggle. I wonder if the cat world will ever join in on this naming frenzy. Could I be a Domestic Persian (DP)? Or perhaps a Persengle? I think I'll just stick with being Ronnie...
The authorities have returned from being away this weekend. I was so happy to see all of them! I get pretty bored here by myself with no one to harass on the weekend. Everyone around here keeps talking about some big celebration that will happen this week. I guess there will be a lot of loud booms and sparkles flying through the air. They were also talking about sedatives for those silly dogs that don't like big booms. I don't like to admit it, but I also don't really like them but I'd never allow anyone to compare me to a dog!
Happy 4th of July! I hope you are all safe and happy while celebrating our nation's independence! I celebrated my independence by rolling around in my organic catnip ALL DAY LONG! It was GREAT! I also played with my friends and napped as I pleased. I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks and didn't have too many doggie disasters!
Today I met a new bloodhound puppy. He has a LOT of skin! He was pretty nice. It's great to see all the new puppies and kittens that have been coming in lately. Summer is a good time to get a new pet because some people have more time to work with them with the longer days (although the authorities here don't seem to stay late to play with ME). I also got to see Dr. Amy stick all those needles into that big slobbery dog again today - he seems to be walking better than he was before. Maybe there is something to that needle torture....
Wow, what a week! Lots of new patients! AND I was attacked by a vicious attack dog earlier this week! He looked like a nice Golden Retriever but he had some other plans in mind for me! Luckily, I move much faster than you'd expect (and I've gotten wise to the ways of dogs..!) We have kittens ready for new homes - 3 males and 3 females. They are gray tabby, black and gray - pretty fun to play with! They let them out in the morning and we all run and play through the clinic - I LOVE kittens! I heard there was another litter born today that is going to need homes soon too - come in and see us!
Today was NOT a good day. The authorities held me down and trimmed my toe nails. I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky guy most of the time but I do not appreciate it when they feel the need to address my needs. Three of our kittens have gone on to new homes but we still have 3 left. They are keeping everyone entertained! I love having them around but I know they would be better off in their "forever home". I did like how the black female was going to take on that Giant Schnauzer - she's feisty!
Today, I got to see the doctors and techs do this weird procedure called a PennHIP. This big black dog was really sleepy and they had to pull his legs out really far. I guess they are checking to see if he has "good" hips for some reason. It's kind of fun to see the big dogs be that sleepy! He didn't seem to mind it when they were stretching his legs out though. It will be interesting to see the results when they come in!
I didn't know that veterinarians really do have to be all kinds of doctor. Today, I watched them clean teeth (dentist), help a puppy (pediatrician), fix an eye problem (ophthalmologist), express anal glands (proctologist), perform acupuncture and laser therapy (naturopath), remove a skin mass (dermatologist) and general health exams (family medicine). I guess it's kinda neat that they get to do a little of everything!
Wow, I have been a busy cat! There has been SO much going on in the clinic this week that I've fallen behind on my blog. We have seen so many interesting patients! My favorites are the "pig" dogs - Pitbulls and Bulldogs. They are so funny! They have such great personalities that they are hard not to love. I've become quite fond of "Hank the Tank" and "Tiny". So big yet so gentle - they are great playmates!
Today, the authorities decided to torture me. I know they say these so-called exams are for my own good but I sure don't like it! I did not want them to look at my teeth or hold me - I like to do what I like to do when I want to do it! Apparently my teeth are dirty and I'm up next for a trip to the "dentist". After they held me and looked me all over (rather embarrassing, in my opinion) they gave me a SHOT! I'll spend the rest of the day badgering people for attention and playing the sad cat role. Come in and cheer me up!
We have kittens again! There are 5 little ones waiting for a new home, as soon as they're ready. The doctors take great care of them - making sure they are vaccinated, dewormed and "fixed" (whatever that is) before they go to their new homes. This litter is pretty fun - even the mom is nice and she needs a home too. There are 3 males and 2 females (1 of whom has already been claimed), gray and gray tabby. I LOVE kitties! Mom is not too excited about me but I try to tell her I'm just Uncle Ronnie and that I LOVE kitties! We'll see if she lets me fill my role as kitty caretaker...
What a busy time it's been! I can't believe where the last 2 weeks have gone. It's hard to believe that fall is upon us! I may have to venture outside for a minute to take in some fresh autumn air. I hope all of you out there have been having a good beginning to the new season - come in and see us sometime!
Now today, I have a beef to air with the world. I was upstairs, minding my own business, chewing on this delicious piece of paper. I was having quite a good time. Well, THEN, I heard Melinda yelling something at someone. She couldn't have been yelling at me, so I just went on about my work of tasting the paper. Then, she got up and came around the desk really fast and I got really scared so I took my paper and RAN! Ran as fast as I could! She followed me into the hallway and told me "no". Turns out, I was tasting something called an "invoice" and she didn't want me to have it. Now, why would the authorities leave something as delicious as an invoice out where I could get it if they didn't want me to have it. The authorities are so confusing sometimes!
This seems like important information (not that *I* would get stuck in a trap, but just in case you know a pet that would): Region 3 Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks will host a non-trapper pet release workshop at its headquarters in Bozeman (1400 S. 19th Ave.) on Wednesday, October 2 from 6 - 7pm. The workshop will provide basic information about trapping, tips to avoid traps, and demonstrations on the operation of common traps with the option of hands-on practice. Registration is required as space is limited to 60 participants. Those wishing to attend should email anjones@mt.gov. Please include your name and phone number.
Oh thank goodness! Someone has FINALLY put this into words for me! Check out this website to see exactly how you should be doing it.
Happy Halloween from all of us at Creekside! Especially Pirate Ronnie!

Wow! It is COLD out there! Be sure all your furry friends are inside and kept warm with these frigid temperatures! Lucky for me, the authorities have made sure my sweater is kept close so I can warm up if I need to!
The authorities have put that goofy tree in our lobby again. I'm not sure why they need to bring that disgusting nature inside because it really affects the feng shui in here. The place does smell nice though! People are always drinking hot liquids and curling up next to our fire. Come out and see us sometime!
Wow, there sure have been a lot of people here lately! There's also lots of cookies and candy sitting on my back table. It sure is nice of everyone to bring us goodies - it makes the authorities so happy! Now, I'm generally not very sentimental, but I think it's important to let you all know how much we appreciate you coming to Creekside with your pets. Thank you so much for your support and Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year! We are all making resolutions and trying to do things just a little bit better this year. *I* got a makeover today - you should all come in and check it out!
Happy Valentine's Day! I may not look like it, but I am quite the lover boy, if you're on my "approved" list. Today, we've seen a couple dogs that got into their owner's chocolate gifts, so try to keep those crazy critters out of it if you can! Creekside has been a busy place. We've also got another cat visitor but I'm not sure how long she'll stay. I'm doing my best to share my space but I'd really rather be the lone ruler of the roost.
The authorities have been making some interesting changes around here! Lori went to a conference and learned about what they call a "Fear Free Clinic". I guess this makes the place less scary for patients. I don't know what their problem is, this place is great (most of the time). Now our lights are turned down a little bit, there are comfy mats and towels to lay on and there is music playing everywhere! Oh, and they spray some funny smelling stuff that makes me feel great! I don't know what's in that spray, but it sure calms everyone down. I love the new spa atmosphere!
The weather sure has been crazy lately. I couldn't understand the huge swing in temperatures this weekend. Of course, I stay inside all the time because I don't want that icky NATURE touching me. I just heard the authorities talking about it. One of the gals was talking about seeing mosquitos at a trailhead this weekend - it seems really early for that! They also keep talking about testing for heartworms because of the upcoming warm months. Guess we'll be seeing you all soon for that testing!